April 9, 202003:55 PM
FutureProof - #IOTA’s first enterprise-focused webinar series. We’ll explore how #IoT & #DLT can help businesses solve current challenges. It starts on 16 April with our cofounder Dominik Schiener. Limited spots available. Sign up at https://t.co/s0y4kygyGE
April 9, 202002:08 PM
Nasdaq published an article written by Jelle Millenaar, our Software Engineer & #DID expert, on how decentralized Identity & #DLT can eliminate bank #databreaches by putting the control of personal data back into the hands of its owner. https://t.co/B3qzLr9xoY
#IOTA ...
April 9, 202001:14 PM
RT @carpclash: Today at 5pm GMT-3 (10pm CET) we will have our weekly @IotaArgentina Meetup with Eric Hop. He will talk about the status of…
April 9, 202010:50 AM
Introduction to #Coordicide Specifications - In the last Episode, Luigi Vigneri, our Research Scientist, explains the networking layer in Coordicide: https://t.co/HTi59t7nfp
April 8, 202002:03 PM
A #SmartCity has to provide comfort, value, convenience & safety to the community. This week in the #IOTACommunity Projects, we show how the #Tangle can allow users to verify the identity of the ride before boarding the vehicle with the ...
April 8, 202010:11 AM
Introduction to #Coordicide Specifications - In Episode 6, Hans Moog talks about UTXO & explains what is "Parallel Realities Based Ledger". https://t.co/XLIey0xXEI
April 7, 202010:04 AM
Introduction to #Coordicide Specifications - Episode 5 is available. Sebastian Müller, one of our Independent Researchers, explains the Fast Probabilistic Consensus (FPC) and what is the #FPC on the #Tangle. https://t.co/uyjsiZnmeb
April 7, 202009:43 AM
RT @DomSchiener: We just finished our first #IOTA VR Meetup! It was a big success with nearly 200 participants (VR + Youtube Livestream). A…
April 6, 202006:01 PM
IOTA Newsletter #19  - Strategic Partnership with TradeMark East Africa, Dev Update, Research Update & more. Read everything at https://t.co/TpWv2wXq0N

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April 6, 202011:28 AM
The 1st virtual reality #IOTA Meetup with @DomSchiener @antonionardella @einfachiota_com @iotashop & more is tonight at 7PM CET. It's for everybody and it will be held in English. There's still time to register at https://t.co/OffJZaJGX4 https://t.co/nkfLCwXr9T
April 6, 202010:03 AM
Introduction to #Coordicide Specifications - in Episode 4, Angelo Capossele, our Senior Research Scientist, explains why the #Autopeering module is important for Coordicide. https://t.co/t41nJTTpE6
April 5, 202011:16 AM
Introduction to #Coordicide Specifications - a series of 8 educational videos by our Research team. Today we release Episode 3: Billy Sanders, our Research Scientist, summarises the #protocol. https://t.co/EWLPQHlNOM
April 4, 202004:15 PM
RT @blocktrainer: Interview mit Hans Moog (@hus_qy ), ab heute für alle frei verfügbar! Viel Spaß mit diesem grandiosen Interview!
April 4, 202010:14 AM
Introduction to #Coordicide Specifications - a series of 8 educational videos by our Research team. In Episode 2, Olivia Saa, our Research Mathematician, talks about #Mana. https://t.co/PlBzuRT5ea
April 3, 202005:30 PM
RT @BittrexExchange: New Listing Update: The IOTA (IOTA) wallet is open and trading has begun on https://t.co/0PDjOTWp8h. Market: BTC-IOTA.…

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