June 24, 201907:57 AM
IOTA Introduces Azimuth (previously known as NB-PoW): A different approach to proof of work that we are working on as part of our long-term vision for IOTA. Read more about it on the blog and get involved today:
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June 21, 201904:20 PM
We are pleased to release the results of the Trinity audit conducted by world-leading cybersecurity firm SIXGEN. A security assessment of all desktop and mobile versions revealed an overall LOW risk of compromise from external attackers.
#IOTA #Sixgen
June 21, 201903:30 PM
Join us for the IOTA Barbecue Satellite TOA Event in Hafenk├╝che July 4 at 6PM. Learn about how Distributed Ledger Technology works, the business impact, and use cases like smart city, smart living, mobility and energy. Register today at:
June 20, 201908:02 PM
As the Foundation is readying to make #IOTA enterprise ready with #Coordicide, we are looking to hire additional #Rust developers to join our growing and talented team. Help us create the trust layer for our future economy.
#IOTA #developers
June 20, 201905:50 PM
If you've missed any IOTA news over the last month, you can catch up now with the monthly newsletter, now on the blog.
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June 20, 201902:04 PM
IOTA Partners with @primority to Ensure Allergen Food Safety Using Distributed Ledger Technology. 220 Million People Worldwide Live with Food Allergies. New Technology Aims to Minimize Threat of Potentially Fatal Food Allergens.
#IOTA #foodsafety https://t.co/M8gqqyJRaM
June 14, 201908:01 PM
The IOTA Blueprints are great building blocks for you to get started with building on IOTA in any industry and application. The new documentation website already has blueprints for Data Storage, P2P Energy Grid, Supply Chain and more to come...
June 14, 201906:23 PM
IOTA is much more than a "protocol for machines." Learn more about how it is designed to be the connective tissue between the human economy and the machine economy.
#IOTA #machineeconomy
June 14, 201904:26 PM
Read our latest Tech Update today on the blog: Client libraries and IRI with networking rewrite update.
June 7, 201905:06 PM
Welcome Jake Cahill to the IOTA Foundation


June 6, 201904:38 PM
The season finale of Untangled is now available. Hear about supporting digital infrastructure of the IOTA economy with Dan Simerman from IF and Frank Zhou from Zeux.
#IOTA #Untangled
June 4, 201907:42 PM
Reminder: If you have questions on Coordicide, don't miss the chance to have them answered by IOTA's research team during the Coordicide AMA, Wednesday June 5, 5 PM CEST.
https://t.co/gULUPoWjQp https://t.co/7JXmd0DuLu
June 4, 201905:55 PM
Hear more about what you've missed on Qubic with this month's status update out now.
#IOTA #Qubic
May 31, 201905:14 PM
IOTA is available over-the-counter on Cumberland exchange, a DRW company and one of the world's leading crypto OTC liquidity providers. Retail investors, hedge funds, businesses and approved investor vehicles can buy and sell IOTA via Cumberland.
https://t.co/k5ZgwiklK3. https://t.co/G4UiZ4UAdY
May 31, 201902:21 PM
IOTA token is now available on @piexgocom worldwide. Go to https://t.co/UFZzbMGXU3 for more information.
#IOTA #Piexgo https://t.co/1voZePBKt8

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