April 18, 201906:29 PM
Explaining the Qubic Computation Model: part 6 out now on the blog
#IOTA #Qubic
April 17, 201902:05 PM
IOTA and @EVRYTHNG announce collaboration to make product supply chains transparent and help consumers assess the authenticity and sustainability of the products they purchase.
#Evrythng #IOTA #SupplyChain
April 17, 201901:35 PM
RT @adaptledger: Adaptation Ledger partners with @iDECanada and @iotatoken to launch a pioneering initiative that applies cutting-edge digi…
April 11, 201909:41 PM
RT @hackernoon: Today, in the Hackernoon Podcast, learn about Distributed Ledger Tech with David Sønstebø, Co-Founder of @IOTA https://t.c…
April 11, 201904:02 PM
Hear directly from companies using IOTA technology at @hannover_messe 2019 in Untangled Episode #10 out now:
@eClassStandard @NeoceptionDE
#IOTA #hannovermesse #HM2019 #untangled
April 11, 201902:55 PM
Today, we are officially releasing the beta versions of our new stateful client libraries. Learn more on the blog now in this two part series:
#IOTA #clientlibraries
April 10, 201907:40 PM
Meet IOTA Co-founder @domschiener in New York, April 26 and learn more about distributed ledger technology from IOTA and its vision to enable the future economy of interconnected and autonomous devices. Register today at: https://t.co/qeZRXQdfF2
#IOTA #IOTAmeetup
April 10, 201906:19 PM
RT @WeissRatings: Shout out to the #IOTA foundation and a big thanks for the wonderful discussion yesterday. IOTA is one of those projects…
April 10, 201905:35 AM
Register for the IOTA meet-up in Berlin tonight at 5:25 PM. Meet IOTA co-founder @DomSchiener and Developer Advocate, Philipp Blum: https://t.co/qCQJZPw2qX
#IOTA #IOTAmeetup
April 9, 201907:07 PM
Learn more about Running the IOTA CClient library on ESP32 on the blog now.
April 8, 201908:41 PM
The @eClassStandard demonstrator at #HannoverMesse 2019, built by @PepperlFuchs/@Neoception was a prime showcase to display how sensor data can be immutably stored and monetized at the same time
#IOTA #hannovermesse
April 8, 201905:40 PM
Learn more about the plan for the Open source coordinator on Mainnet on the blog now:
#IOTA #Coordicide
April 8, 201902:35 PM
IOTA's co-founder @DomSchiener and director of social impact and public regulatory affairs, @juliemaupin at International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) digital signing at European Commission headquarters.
April 5, 201905:55 PM
Explaining the Qubic Computation Model: Part 5 out now on the blog
#IOTA #Qubic
April 5, 201904:04 PM
This month's newsletter is out on the blog now. Read about a Coordinator-free Testnet, Crypto Payments, Venture Building, Geo-Tagging & more:
#IOTA #Coordicide

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